Summary of Comments:
Uptown clients absolutely adore this duo for both their "professional approach" and "incredible talent." Coming from unique backgrounds (James Adams went to Yale and studied forestry, biology and art history; Brazilian-born Rubens Teles is a member of the faculty of The Isabel O’Neil Studio Workshop in New York City), they bring a wealth of ideas and inspirations to their decorative painting business, launched in 1992. The firm is now represented by Stark, and has created original art for a series of mural wallcoverings.
Teles & Adams work frequently with decorators and are praised for their ability to handle a wide array of finishes and techniques. But industry insiders say their American-and English-inspired designs really put them on the map. (In 1994, the partners wrote a book entitled "Folk Finishes.") In addition to painting walls and floors, Teles & Adams are involved in customizing a line of accessories for the home; clients love the fact that they can take a swatch of fabric or carpet, and have their trays, waste baskets, and other items painted to match.
Teles & Adams began to provide a variety of Interior Design services to a select clientele in 2005. They have worked in a variety of styles and focus on the realization of each individual client's vision of their ideal living space. Teles & Adams promote eco-friendly, sustainable and VOC compliant products.
Client Comments:
"Perfectionists, and more -- impossible to get better than this." "I love working with Rubens and James – they are polite, professional and fun." "Sometimes hard to get because of their busy schedule, but worth the wait." "They have such a complete range of skills in addition to their folk art specialty." "You have to see their work to know how happy I was to write the check." "My clients love having them in their homes – so respectful and so talented." "Their strength is Americana faux painting and stenciling." "They came up with the perfect color within minutes." "The price was completely appropriate for the work."
From: "The Franklin Report – The Insider’s Home Guide" --